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We offer our services to anyone and any entity.

  • National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) Nomination Applications: The NRHP is essentially the honor roll for historical properties. A nomination to the Register opens the doors to millions of dollars of potential funding for your rehabilitation projects related to you historic property.
  • Consulting: If you chose to write an NRHP or grant application your self, we’re still here for you. Hire us to go over your application and get some feedback before you submit.
  • Grant Writing: Millions of dollars exist, waiting to be used by property owner who need to preserve their historic properties. Searching for these grants can be daunting. Let us help. Our fee is included in the grant application. If you are awarded the grant, we get paid. If you don’t, we don’t get paid. It’s that simple.
  • Historic Building Documentation: In some instances it is not possible to save a historic property. When possible, Midwest Preservation Group will document the property to ensure that key aspects of its history are recorded and filed for archiving with the Library of Congress’ Historic American Buildings Survey or Historic American Engineering. Other documentation reports are maintained by the appropriate State Historic Preservation Office.
  • Eligibility Assessment (EA) Applications: Before you apply to the NRHP, you need to know if your property has historical integrity and qualifies for the Register. An EA is your first step in the process. We do these for FREE.
Because some applications are significantly more involved than others, we do not charge the same for every project. For example, an application that requires no travel time and is for a one room building is priced differently than an application for multiple properties or a district that requires travel time.
Because of the diversity in applications, please EMAIL us for rates, timelines, and all other inquiries.